Monday, February 15, 2010

Sealing the Deal....

So, you've visited all of the colleges you think you might be interested in attending.... you've applied for admission, and you've been accepted! You've even already filed your FAFSA to get as much financial aid as possible. Now it comes down to crunch time... now, it's time to make a decision!

Of course we hope that the decision you've made is to attend Tusculum College! Each of our admission counselors has met a lot of great students that we'd love to see on campus in August! Now is the time to seal the deal and make it official by committing to Tusculum. :)

How do you make that committment? By paying your enrollment deposit! One of the cool things about Tusculum is that our enrollment deposit is NOT an added fee. In fact, we put that money straight towards your student account, so really we just treat it as an advanced payment. There are three different ways you can pay your deposit:

1) by mail--you can send a check or money order to us at the following address:
          Tusculum College
          Office of Admission
          PO Box 5051
          Greeneville, TN  37743
2) by phone--all you have to do is call your admission counselor, and we can take down your information right on the phone! Just call us (800) 729-0256,
3) online--just click on this link!

Once you've made your deposit, that's when the fun begins! Freshmen and transfer students are placed on a list for housing once we receive the deposit. That means the sooner you get it in, the more likely you are to live in the residence hall of your choice! Taking care of the deposit now takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders... now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the last few months of high school, while you watch your friends scramble to make a decision for their future. :)

Tusculum College is ready to make a committment to you as a future Pioneer--all we're waiting for is you!


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