Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pick up the Phone

I know a lot of you have received a phone call from a Tusculum representative or from your counselor. Some of these calls told you how much academic scholarship you were eligible for. Other calls congratulated you on your acceptance to Tusculum. These are both very exciting calls. However, the best is yet to come!

To continue Aaron’s theme of “Show Me the Money”, your next phone call may be the most informative call your family will receive. Our Financial Aid Office has already received over 700 student’s FAFSA information. These families are currently receiving this call. Not only do you get an award letter that shows all of your financial aid opportunities, your counselor will call you and make sure that everything on your package makes sense.

Who can tell me the difference between SEOG and Pell? How about ASPIRE and ACG… Most of the financial aid titles will look like these. The conversation you have with your Admission Counselor is a perfect opportunity for you and your family to ask these very important questions. So, be prepared when you pick up the next phone call from Tusculum.


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