Monday, March 29, 2010

There's still time!


Remember you still have some time left to take advantage of the special Enrollment Deposit offer of $150 for the month of March! Wednesday is the last day to make your Enrollment Deposit for $150, instead of the normal $300. All you have to do to pay your deposit is either mail in a check to the Office of Admission, PO Box 5051, Greeneville, TN 37743, call your admission counselor to make payment over the phone, or click on this link:

Remember, the Enrollment Deposit isn't an extra fee or anything. It will come off of your bill. If you have questions about your deposit, please contact your admission counselor!

For those of you in Claiborne County, TN:

"Tusculum College has been chosen Claiborne County's favorite college by the readers of the Claiborne Progress. It was announced on March 10 that Tusculum has received the People's Choice Award in the category of Best College for 2010, receiving more votes than several other colleges in the area."

Thank you Claiborne County, TN! We can be your community's favorite college too! To learn more about Tusculum, our Block schedule and the programs we offer, visit our website at

Until next time!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Check 1, 2, 3.....

I know there are some of you out there that follow our blog on a regular basis and some of you that just stumble across it by clicking on the link from an email.  It’s time for us to hear back from you.  I want to give you the opportunity to hear your feedback about our blog.  Here are some examples of feedback I am looking for:

What do you like about our blog?
How often do you check our blog out?
What topics would you like one of our counselors to blog about?

I would like to offer a Tusculum PRIZE to the first five students who email me a response to any or all of these questions.  My email address is  I look forward to hearing back from all of you all soon!

-Aaron P

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Deposit Deal for the month of March!

Hey guys! Hope all of you out in blogger land are doing well! We've been busy around the Admission Office lately... we held an Open House this past Saturday, and met a lot of great students and families. We've also been meeting a lot of families through private campus visits, which is the perfect way to get a closer look at TC.
For all of you current seniors, I'm sure you've been hearing a lot about enrollment deposits from all of the colleges you've been accepted to. Enrollment deposits are very important, as they show your commitment to the school of your choice, and our committment as a college to you!
For the month of March, Tusculum has lowered our enrollment deposit from $300 to $150. We know the economy has been hard on a lot of families out there, but we don't want that to stop you from becoming a Pioneer! Remember, our enrollment deposit is not an added fee that goes into some mysterious money pot on campus! Your deposit at Tusculum goes directly to your student account, which means we treat your deposit as an advanced payment towards your tuition.
You can take care of your deposit today by calling our office at (800) 729-0256, or by visiting this website. If you have questions you'd like to have answered before taking that step, again, give us a call! We'll be more than happy to help you on your path to becoming Pioneer!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is Here

Here Comes Spring!

With the frigid temperatures behind us, there is no better time to visit than now. Hopefully, all the snow has past and we can look forward to experiencing all the joys of spring at Tusculum. I would like to encourage both Juniors and Seniors to come visit Tusculum College and enjoy all the beauty that East Tennessee has to offer. I know many of you weren’t able to come for your campus visit because of bad weather. It’s not too late. Just visit to set up your campus visit.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting the paperwork complete.....

Hello and Greetings!

For those of you that have already made your commitment to come to Tusculum, congratulations and welcome to the TC family!  For those that are about to make your decision to come to Tusculum, we'll be happy to help you make that commitment! For information, please see Becky's previous blog post, or contact your admission counselor.

If you still need to complete your housing application, you are welcome to do this at any time (even if you haven't yet made your deposit, you're still welcome to complete your housing application).  It's easy to complete, and it's online!  Click here for the link!  

On your housing application, you'll want to include as much detail about yourself as you can.  Some items you may want to include are what kind of music you listen to, do you keep a clean room, what time you wake up and go to bed, your typical day, etc..  

A couple other forms you'll want to start working on are your Immunization form and Emergency Contact form.  For your Immunization form, we need record that you have had all your immunizations.  If you like, you're welcome to include a copy of your immunizations from your doctor's office with this form.  This and the Emergency Contact form will be kept in a file for you, should the information ever be needed.  Here are the links to these forms:

Immunization Form
Emergency Contact Forms

Note: these are .pdf files, not online applications like the housing application.

Remember, if you've not yet made your commitment to come to Tusculum, and you're ready to do so, contact your counselor so we can get you started in coming to Tusculum!


Monday, March 1, 2010

TC Raises $2,300 for Haiti Relief Efforts

A total of $2,300 was raised on Saturday for the American Red Cross and its relief efforts in Haiti at a Tusculum College yard sale, sponsored by the staff of the Campus Security Office. Staff, faculty and students of the College donated the items for the sale.
According to Campus Safety Officer Josh Jordan, the success of the event was a tribute to the generous donations of items, time and financial resources by everyone who helped with the event, including students, faculty, staff and friends of the College. In addition, Jordan noted that the Food City store on Snapps Ferry Road in Greeneville also participated by donating 300 plastic bags for use at the sale.
He also thanked all the volunteers who worked the day of the sale, which was coordinated by Campus Safety along with assistance from Student Affairs, the Center for Civic Advancement and the Bonner Leaders student organization.
The check was presented on behalf of Tusculum College to representatives of the American Red Cross on Monday, March 1.