Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting the paperwork complete.....

Hello and Greetings!

For those of you that have already made your commitment to come to Tusculum, congratulations and welcome to the TC family!  For those that are about to make your decision to come to Tusculum, we'll be happy to help you make that commitment! For information, please see Becky's previous blog post, or contact your admission counselor.

If you still need to complete your housing application, you are welcome to do this at any time (even if you haven't yet made your deposit, you're still welcome to complete your housing application).  It's easy to complete, and it's online!  Click here for the link!  

On your housing application, you'll want to include as much detail about yourself as you can.  Some items you may want to include are what kind of music you listen to, do you keep a clean room, what time you wake up and go to bed, your typical day, etc..  

A couple other forms you'll want to start working on are your Immunization form and Emergency Contact form.  For your Immunization form, we need record that you have had all your immunizations.  If you like, you're welcome to include a copy of your immunizations from your doctor's office with this form.  This and the Emergency Contact form will be kept in a file for you, should the information ever be needed.  Here are the links to these forms:

Immunization Form
Emergency Contact Forms

Note: these are .pdf files, not online applications like the housing application.

Remember, if you've not yet made your commitment to come to Tusculum, and you're ready to do so, contact your counselor so we can get you started in coming to Tusculum!


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