Monday, August 31, 2009

Tusculum Admission Counselors: On the Road

The Class of 2013 has safely arrived on campus here at TC, and are starting to settle into their new routines. For the admission office, it's now time for us to focus on the Class or 2014 (also known as the Class of 2010)!

This week one of our counselors, Aaron Porter, is actually in the Nashville area to represent TC at college fairs. Maybe you'll see him out there! Those of us in the office will be at some local college fairs in the Tri-Cities, including Cherokee High School, Daniel Boone, Sullivan East, and the Tri-Cities fair at Freedom Hall.

This coming Wednesday, Sept. 2, Tusculum will play host to its own college fair, with around 40 other colleges in the region also having representation. Be sure to come out and not only learn more about TC, but also any other colleges you may be interested in attending! The fair will be held in the Pioneer Arena from 9am-11am, and also from 5pm-7pm. I hope you can make at least one of the sessions!

You can learn more about the TC College Night by clicking on this link.

~Becky :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's here!!

The new school year is here!

After a busy weekend of orientation events and moving-in, classes have officially begun. New students kicked off the weekend with a community picnic on Friday night. Many Tusculum faculty and staff members joined in the festivities Friday night, welcoming the new students to campus. Orientation events continued throughout the weekend and wrapped up Sunday night with the Tusculum Festival. The Tusculum Festival is a time for students to relax and get ready for the start of classes. This year the festival took place on the upper practice fields and featured a water fight and hot air balloon rides.

As the Class of 2013 gets settled into their first week of classes, it is now time to focus on the upcoming class, the Class of 2014. As a senior, I know there is a lot of excitement going into your final year of high school, but it is important to remember to start looking and applying to colleges early. While Tusculum has rolling admission, many colleges and universities have application deadlines that come early in the fall semester. To find the application deadline for any college or university simply visit their website or talk with your guidance counselor.

Remember that we are currently accepting applications for the 2010-2011 school year. You can apply online to Tusculum by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the admission process at Tusculum, don’t hesitate to contact your counselor.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's getting close!

Greetings, and thanks for visiting the Tusculum College Admission blog! There's a lot going on this week...

We're closing in on that time of year again, for our students to return to campus. We've already had some students who, over the past couple of weeks, have moved onto campus. This week at Tusculum, we have new students participating in our Bridge Program. Bridge is a program that allows students to gradually emerge into the college setting, making the transition from high school a little easier. Bridge is a required program for all conditionally accepted students, but is open to all incoming freshmen.

Not only do we have Bridge this week, but Friday is also the beginning of Orientation weekend! There are so many activities planning for this weekend! On Friday, our new residential students will be moving in, plus we'll have activities and information sessions planned in the afternoon for both commuting and residing incoming students. I encourage parents to please come on Friday; we have information sessions that are scheduled just for you! Friday evening is also the Community Picnic, where students and their families can meet one another and also meet the Tusculum College community. Other activities and information sessions are planned through Saturday and Sunday for our new students.

Whew! Sounds like a lot going on! Oh yes, and remember classes start on Monday, August 24th. :)

If you have questions about Bridge or Orientation weekend, feel free to contact your admission counselor.

Have a great week!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Most Valuable Senior Skip Day

Please bear with a first-time blogger. As most of you are preparing for the new school year, I wanted you to keep a few things in mind that will help with the college search process, and get you a day off from classes! First, you want to make sure you know who your guidance counselor is. You've probably been at your school for a couple of years now. It's about time to get to know the people who are going to help you learn more about college. Try to introduce yourself to him/her and let them know you are excited about the opportunity to go to college. These counselors are going to be very important during the college application process.

If you are a senior, I would try to confirm with your guidance counselor that you have a couple of college visit days. These are excused absences that your high school gives you to go check out the schools you are most interested in. Before you can take the visit days, you have to know where you are going to visit. This means you have to do a little research and narrow down your options. Taking a visit to a school is a great experience. I would recommend this for everyone interested in any school. To take advantage of the college visit days at Tusculum, just contact Crystal Hirschy at 1-800-729-0256 ext. 5624.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TC in the News

Hi everyone! As you may already know, Tusculum College has a very rich history. We're the oldest college in Tennessee, established in 1794, and the 26th oldest institution in the nation!
This week, Tusculum became stop on the Civil War trail. Local tv station WJHL had a story on the news here, but the story managed to make its way all the way down to Raleigh, NC!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to the Admission blog!

Welcome to the Tusculum admission blog! Throughout the year, Tusculum's four admission counselors will make weekly posts here to let you know what's going on in the Office of Admission, as well as what's happening on campus.

This week we're welcoming back our student athletes, as well as athletic trainers, Resident Assistants, and Bonner Leaders. After a relatively quiet summer on campus, we're excited to see students back to breathe life into TC!

For those of you who are thinking about applying to Tusculum, this is the time to do it! We have already started accepting students for 2010. All you need to apply is an application, which you can find by clicking this link, your high school transcripts, and your SAT/ACT scores.

Keep in mind the admission counselors are here to help you throughout this process, so whenever you have questions, let us know! Our counseling staff is divided by last name:
A-D: Aaron Porter
E-K: Nicole Oaks
L-Q: Becky Tankersley
R-Z: Eric Allen

We hope to see your application in our office soon!