Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's getting close!

Greetings, and thanks for visiting the Tusculum College Admission blog! There's a lot going on this week...

We're closing in on that time of year again, for our students to return to campus. We've already had some students who, over the past couple of weeks, have moved onto campus. This week at Tusculum, we have new students participating in our Bridge Program. Bridge is a program that allows students to gradually emerge into the college setting, making the transition from high school a little easier. Bridge is a required program for all conditionally accepted students, but is open to all incoming freshmen.

Not only do we have Bridge this week, but Friday is also the beginning of Orientation weekend! There are so many activities planning for this weekend! On Friday, our new residential students will be moving in, plus we'll have activities and information sessions planned in the afternoon for both commuting and residing incoming students. I encourage parents to please come on Friday; we have information sessions that are scheduled just for you! Friday evening is also the Community Picnic, where students and their families can meet one another and also meet the Tusculum College community. Other activities and information sessions are planned through Saturday and Sunday for our new students.

Whew! Sounds like a lot going on! Oh yes, and remember classes start on Monday, August 24th. :)

If you have questions about Bridge or Orientation weekend, feel free to contact your admission counselor.

Have a great week!

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