Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where to Live?

I just wanted to start by congratulating everyone that submitted their enrollment deposit last week. I’m sure you all are happy to have made the next step in becoming a Pioneer. This blog is a reminder to everyone that has submitted their enrollment deposit to fill out your housing application. If you haven’t done the paper copy you received in your acceptance packet, you can visit This link will take you directly to our online housing application.

If you guys haven’t had a chance to come for a visit and you want to learn more about our residence halls, I would encourage you to visit our residence halls webpage. There you will find valuable information about each of Tusculum’s housing opportunities. To access this resource just visit

Finding out information about other students who have made the decision to come to Tusculum will help you decide on roommate preferences. Aaron’s next blog will explain the resources we have in place to help you find the right roommate…


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