Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook, anyone?

I know a lot of the people that follow this blog are students who have already decided to come to Tusculum next year. I wanted to let you in on a very helpful tool for helping you start relationships with other students who have made the same great choice. If you are already using Facebook, you can just send a friend request to Tc Brandon Conner. Many other students who will be joining us next year have already joined this page!

I think we all know how much you can tell about someone from their Facebook profile. Just think of the stories you can see on somebody’s wall. This page can help you find others with similar interest or from the same part of the country or state as you. It can also serve as a roommate selection tool. If you are browsing through somebody’s photos and you see what a slob they are, it can give you the heads up you need to decide early not to room with them. So, if you want to take advantage of this valuable asset, just search for Tc Brandon Conner on Facebook and start looking at all the other students who will be coming to Tusculum next year.

Aaron P

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