Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring is here... kind of.....

I hope everyone out there enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year's this year! The folks on the Admission staff enjoyed having some time off for the holidays to spend with our families. While our staff has been back on campus for about a week now, our students began their spring semester today. I use the term "spring" loosely, as we've had snow on the ground here for the last few weeks! Like the rest of the nation, we're having an unusually cold winter, which means snow, snow, and more snow!

Like most other colleges and schools in our area, any closures on Tusculum's campus are announced through local media as soon as a decision is made by our administrators. Of course this also affects us in the Office of Admission, as we schedule campus visits throughout the week, as well as Saturdays. If you have a visit scheduled and bad weather arises, please be sure to put your safety first when it comes to traveling to campus. It is no problem for us to reschedule visits if needed. Also, you are welcome to contact your admission counselor to see if our office will be open, and if alternate plans may be needed. We as counselors are big fans of communication with our students! So anytime you have a question or concern, please be sure to ask!!


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