Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show Me the Money!

Let’s talk about one of the most important factors in any high school student’s college decision making process.  That’s right, MONEY.  How much will it cost me and my family to go to Tusculum College?  That is a very popular question for every student trying to decide which school to go to.  Luckily for you and your family, Tusculum takes great pride in the process of answering this question.

Beginning this week, our financial aid office is sending out the financial aid packages for several students who have already completed their FAFSA.  This is much earlier than most colleges and institutions.  So, check your mail for these because they are probably the most important letter you will get from Tusculum.  Not only will you get a chance to see every avenue for financial assistance, your admission counselor will call you and speak with you about each one of the loans, grants and scholarships that appear on this package.  It can become confusing, and we understand this.  That is why we work hard to have a formal conversation with each student regarding the make-up of their financial aid package.  At the end of this conversation, you should have better feel for the answer to: How much will it cost my family to go to Tusculum?

If you haven’t done your FAFSA yet, do it as soon as you can.  You don’t even have to wait for your parents’ tax information to come to your house.  You can base the information on last year’s income!  You can find the FAFSA by clicking on this link (remember, the FAFSA is always FREE--don't pay money for it!). TC's FAFSA code is 003527.  If you need some help with the form, contact our Financial Aid Office at 1-800-729-0256 ext. 5377.

--Aaron P

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