Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tusculum alumnus’ article appears in The Atlantic

Courtesy: Tusculum News and Calendar Highlights

An article about the underpaid, resource deprived Afghan Police by Anup Kaphle ‘07 , a digital media fellow with The Atlantic, was published online last week.

“Without a doubt, eventual success in Afghanistan will rest on a foundation of robust security, safeguarded by the police. But the vast majority of the police force today complains about paltry salaries and a complete lack of benefits. The lucky ones get a uniform, a grey shirt and a pair of cotton or polyester slacks, along with slightly advanced machine guns. Others carry rusty old AK-47s across their chests and wait for the Taliban in their Pathani salwaars. Even during patrols, it is not rare to find a policeman running in his sandals,” Kaphle wrote.

Kaphle, who has earned a master’s degree from the Columbia University School of Journalism, was editor of the student newspaper while at Tusculum among his many activities. Kaphle’s trip to Afghanistan was supported by a grant from the South Asian Journalists Association. Read Kaphle’s article.

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