Friday, May 21, 2010

May 28 Advanced Registration Tips

I imagine most of the blog readers are students who have already decided to come to Tusculum.  I hope you have enjoyed following the news and updates on our Admission Blog.  I just wanted to pass on some inside tips on what to expect at the May 28 Advanced Registration (ARD). 

-Most importantly for some, your ID card photo will be taken on this day.  So, if you don't want to be stuck with "bed head" or "sleepy eyes" on your ID card for the next four years, here is your heads up! 

-About every 30 minutes we will have representatives take families to view a resident hall room.  This will give some of you your first look at the living arrangements.  Checking out a room can be very exciting for some.  Almost like an empty canvas, this opportunity will allow you and your family to visualize all of the creativity that can be incorporated into a college dorm room. 

-If you plan on having a car on campus, bring in your license plate number, make and model of your car.  You will register your car for your parking pass on this day.

-Check the weather for Greeneville.  Cool clothes or an umbrella can make all the difference in the world in terms of comfort on this day.

-You will be rubbing shoulders with over 100 incoming Tusculum students coming from all over the world!  Don't be shy and just talk to your family.  This is a great chance to start meeting the people you will spending the next four years of your life with.  I have seen future best friends, roommates, and teammates meet at their ARD event.  Take advantage of this.

I hope these five things will help you and your family enjoy your ARD experience on May 28.

Aaron P

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